Plastic PE Caps & Closures for bottles induction sealed cap lined

Plastic PE Caps & Closures

No matter what kind of bottle or container you are using for packaging your food or medicine product,what you need to protect your product inside the bottle or container is high quality caps & closures.  A good quality cap and closure gives you the power to safely pack your product and it may gives you extra abilities including making your products bottles tamper evident or safe for children. You can find a short description of each kind of plastic caps we produce as follow:

Simple Screw PE Plastic Caps

This kind of plastic cap is suitable for those who do not need tamper evident plastic caps (or they use induction seal liners as a tamper evident liner), or their product is totally out of children's reach so they do not need to use childproof caps. This is the most simple cap which is currently being produced in our factory. we are currently producing 32 mm, 36 mm, 44 mm, 52 mm and 120 mm. These are PE plastic caps & closures currently using on our PET bottle, PE Bottles and PET Jars.

Tamper Evident Zip Caps

This is the PE plastic caps suitable for those who need to have more secure packaging. The cap will secure the bottle right after it is pressed on the bottle and it may open after tearing the zip band on the plastic cap side. Using an induction aluminum seal liner with Tamper evident plastic caps will give extra safety to the product bottle.we are currently producing 32 mm, 36 mm and 120 mm.

Childproof Plastic Caps

The child-lock plastic caps is the best solution to avoid kids poisoning with medications, pesticide and chemicals. the function of the childproof plastic caps does not let children to open the caps so easy. For reaching the products inside the bottle you need to hardly press the childproof cap downward and then try to open it so that the child lock cap is removed from the bottle. This is the function which keep the kids safe. we are currently producing 32 mm, 36 mm, 44 mm and 52 mm.


Plastic PE Caps & Closures

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