1 ml glass dropper for medicine

1 ml Medicine Dropper

 1 ml Medicine Dropper with graduated glass pipette which is sometimes known as eye dropper or ear dropper is mostly used for kid medicine consumption. The volume of its glass pipette is 1 ml (almost equal to 20 drops of medicine) and helps get exact amount of medicine needed.

The graduated glass pipette of this kind of medicine dropper clearly shows 0, 0.5 and 1 ml on the glass pipet body for circumstances that less than 1 ml volume is needed to be used. The glass medicine dropper is attached to a plastic PVC rubber normally produced in white color. The PVC rubber will assemble inside a plastic cap (with a hole) which let the plastic rubber of the glass pipette dropper through itself.

 The diameter of plastic cap which is assembled on the 1 ml medicine dropper (with graduated glass pipette) is 18 mm (standard diameter) which is suitable to be used on Medicine Glass bottles with this neck diameter all over the world.

 We are manufacturing and exporting glass pipettes (just the glass tube part) as well as the 1 ml glass medicine dropper for more than 15 years and providing our client in the local market as well as our international client. We are also able to provide our clients with droppers with plastic pipette instead of glass pipette. The plastic pipet dropper is also graduated and user can easily choose the volume of the medicine which is necessary to take.

This product is known with other names like drip pan, dropper, calibrated dropper, calibrated glass pipettes as well.

We are able to supply our client with different types of Glass Pipette Droppers. The first type is Glass dropper which is consited of a PVC rubber+ orifice Screw cap + Glass Pipet. We can pack this product in plastic bags as per our clients request.

The 2nd type is Glass dropper with a plastic cover to protectet the glasspipette from breaking & dirt. It also make the medicine packaging much easier. It is consited of a PVC rubber+ orifice Screw cap + Glass Pipette + PP Plastic cover. We can pack this product in plastic bags as well but normally clients prefer this one only in bulk packaging (not individually wrapped). 


1 ml calibrated glass dropper for medicine

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