500 cc/ ml PE Bottle for pharmaceutical product packaging (tablet, powder, capsules, pills)

PET Jar 500 cc / ml

PET Jar 500 cc / ml is currently our smallest PET Plastic Jar in volume with a 52 mm neck diameter which is quite  suitable for different products packaging including Food, Nuts, Agricultural Products, Nutrients, Supplements, Chemicals etc.,. The specifications of our 500 cc PET Jars are as follow:

-        PET JAR, Neck Diameter: 52 mm, Height: 134 mm, Volume: 500 cc / ml

Our 500 ml / cc PET Jars are coming with different designs of PE caps & closures. We produce different kinds of plastic caps for our PET Jars and PET Bottle to meet the client's’ needs.

-        Simple Screw Caps

-        Child Proof Caps (Child Lock)

Our PET 500 cc Jar is currently producing in Red, Blue, White, Black, Brown and Amber color and other colors would be available if the order quantity is remarkable.

We are interested in exporting our high quality PET Jars to clients from different countries including Iraq, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, UAE (Dubai), Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, etc. and we would like to cooperate with trading companies interested in working as active sale agents in the mentioned countries to sell our PET bottles & jars.

We are one of the few Iranian PET JAR manufacturer & exporter that are exporting our high quality products (Plastic Jars, Plastic Bottles and Plastics Caps).

It is necessary to mention that we can supply our clients with high quality Induction Seal Liners as well as our PET Jars to seal the Jars we supply.


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