1 pc single layer PET Induction Seal Liners for Plastic PET bottles sealing

1 pc PET Induction Seal Liners


1 pc PET aluminum foil seal Induction liners are one of the cap lining materials which are mostly recommended for sealing plastic bottles of both solid & liquid products including food & beverages, dairy products (milk, yogurt, cream…), fruit juices, ketchup sauce and also a wide range of industrial liquid products.

We are able to supply our clients with single layer 1pc induction foil liners (induction seal) in both pre-cut liner shape or roll form of sealing aluminum foils.

The one piece PET induction aluminum seal liners are being specifically produced based on the bottle and container material. PE Induction Seal Liners are only suitable for sealing PET plastic bottles and containers. For other bottle materials we offer different liners.

Our one-piece induction cap lining materials are being used with a great number of cap & closure manufacturers as they can deliver a consistent and reliable induction sealing to an extensive range of plastic container materials. Using our cap lining induction seals will bring you secure packaging.

1 piece induction seal liner

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