250 cc/ ml PET Bottle for pharmaceutical product packaging (tablet, powder, capsules, pills)

PET Bottle 250 cc / 250 ml


PET Bottle 250 cc / 250 ml  is currently one of our best sellers plastic bottle which is mostly suitable for dry pharmaceutical products packaging (including pills, tablets, powder etc.). All types of solid chemicals and medicines including tablets, pills, capsules and powders can be packed in this kind of PET Bottle.

Although most of our clients are medicine & pharmaceutical products manufacturers (chemical & herbal ), we still get some remarkable inquiries from different clients  who need to pack their Chemical Products, Lab Samples or other products in our 250 cc / 250 ml PET Bottles.

We are producing & exporting PET medicine Bottles & Containers in different volumes mainly used for packaging pharmaceutical products (tablets, capsules, gels, and powders). These PET Bottles & Containers can also be used  in:

-        Medicine Packaging (PET Tablet bottle, PET Capsul Bottle, PET Pill Bottle, PET Powder Bottle)

-        Herbal Medicine & Drugs

-        Chemical Products

-        Lab Samples

-        Sample Packaging

We can supply our honorable clients with PET Bottles and different types of Polyethylene plastic caps & closures (44 mm diameter) including:

1-   Simple Screw Plastic Caps

2-   Child Proof Plastic Caps

Also high quality induction aluminum seal liners would be available with the bottles & caps. It is possible to provide our clients with sealed cap, cap lining materials . We would be able to insert the liners inside the caps as per our client request or ship them separately with caps.

As a manufacturer and exporter of PET Bottles  and Containers we are interested in exporting our high quality PET Bottles & containers as well as PET Bottle plastic caps (PE) to clients from different countries including Iraq, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, UAE (Dubai), Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, etc. and we would like to cooperate with trading companies interested in working as active sale agents in the mentioned countries to sell our PET bottles & Containers.


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250 cc ml PET Bottle

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