Disposable single-use Vaginal Cream Applicator 4g & 5 g,

Disposable Single-Use Vaginal Cream Applicator


Disposable Single-Use Vaginal Cream Applicator is a plastic applicator using for consumption of vaginal creams. It has 2 parts a body and plunger. The body can be filled with 4 g of vaginal cream and easily discharge deep into vagina for getting the best medical treatment result.


Disposable Vaginal Cream Applicators have a great effect of better treatment with giving the patient the option of one-time (single-use) and get rid of the vaginal cream applicator instead of washing & drying the plastic vaginal cream applicator for the next use.


Our Vaginal Cream Applicators Have a suitable threaded orifice that connects to most vaginal cream tubes for easy & fast filling. Feature a new rounded tip for added comfort while using inside the body Calibrated in 1.0 g increments with a 4 g capacity.

We provide our clients with 2 different kinds of packaging. The first one is boxes which include 6 vaginal cream applicators, individually wrapped in plastic covers. This is the packaging we mostly provide the pharmacies with.

The second packaging method is to pack 10,000 pcs of individually wrapped plastic cream applicators into PE nylon bags and then into large carton boxes. This packaging is the packaging we provide the pharmaceutical companies with. They use 1-3 disposable vaginal cream applicators with their medicine and the consumer will need to purchase more vaginal applicators needed from pharmacy directly.

The vaginal gel applicators are producing transparent. We are a major manufacturer and exporter of vaginal cream applicators in Iran producing this product for more than 10 years.  Both cream and gel can be used with our polypropylene applicators.


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Disposable Single-Use Vaginal Cream Applicator

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