Cream Gel tablet Oinment pill disposable vaginal applicators

Disposblae Vaginal Applicators

Daroupack is an Iranian manufacturere and exporter of Disposbale vaginal Applicators for more than 10 years. We are producing different types of One-Time use disposable vaginal applicator for both Iranaian and internatonal markets.

Different types of applicators we produce are as follow:

       - Disposbale Vaginal Cream Applicator (single-use)

       - Disposbale Vaginal Ointment Applicator (single-use)

       - Disposbale Vaginal Tablet Applicator (single-use)

       - Disposbale Vaginal Pill Applicator (single-use)

       - Disposbale Vaginal Gell Applicator (single-use)

All above mentioned items can be produced and packed both in small carton boxes (5 or 6 pcs boxes) as well as major bulk carton boxes (10,000 pcs) all individually wrapped in plastic bags.

The applicators are made from PE and PP plastic with high quality machines under a very hygenic (sanitary) procedure.

vaginal cream & tablet applicator

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