DAROUPACK Manufacturing Group DAROUPACK Industrial Group is a manufacturing & exporting high quality packaging container for Pharmaceutical and Food product industry. We are proud that we are supplying the most famous & biggest pharmaceutical manufacturers in Iran for about a decade and now we are exporting our products to countries including Iraq, Armenia, Turkmenistan, UAE, Pakistan and other countries in the Middle East. Our Product Range Induction Seal Liners for PET, PE, PP, Glass and PVC. - PET Bottles with different kinds of Plastic Caps (Screw, Zippy, Childproof) - PET Jars (750 cc, 1800 cc, 4,000 cc, 8,000 cc) - PE Bottle (100 cc, 150 cc, 250 cc, 275 cc, 300 cc) - Drip Pan (1 ml and more), Spoons, Vaginal Cream and Tablet Applicators


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Daroupack Co., Ltd
Telephone: +98 21 22191246
Mobile: +98 912 3119156
Email: info[at]daroupack[dot]com

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